Image copyright What3words Image caption The method partitions the nations of the world into 57 trillion nine-sq-m( 97 -sq-ft) areas and opens each a unique three-word address

Three apparently unconnected statements have helped rescue a mom and daughter after a gondola disintegrate in remote rural Somerset.

The “coordinates” – “weekend”, “foggy” and “earphones” – let police to exactly pinpoint their location.

An algorithm developed by start-up what3words partitions the nations of the world into 57 trillion nine-sq-m( 97 -sq-ft) areas and grants each a unique three-word address.

The technology has been adopted by a number of emergency services in the UK.

It was initially organized to help the millions of people in remote and impoverished orbits who do not have a postcode addition an address for the first time. In turn that would allow them to apply for services and goods.

But the place plan has also gained the attention of emergency services and has recently been adopted by Avon and Somerset, Humberside and West Yorkshire police services, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire fire and salvage services and the British Transport Police.

It has been used in several other events, including 😛 TAGEND A call handler used it to send somebody to recovery a scapegoat of sex crime being held hostage and captivate the crook A member of the public used it to pinpoint a remote riverside path where she had saw a lost offspring A taxi driver used it to set a drink serviceman lying in a superhighway It was used to pinpoint the exact orientation of a traffic accident Image caption The police use the system to accurately and rapidly situate people in need of help


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