A company based in the United kingdom government has unveiled the worlds most expensive gondola tire.

A set of the special tires, which are based on the Z Tire performance rubber from Zenesis, will give you back a staggering $600,000.

To apologize the price, Zenesis has added diamonds and gold foliage to the surface and boasts that some of the tribes that helped embellish official houses in Abu Dhabi were involved in the project.

And since someone has actually bought a initiate, officials at Guinness have recognized Zenesis in its record books. To characterize, Zenesis had to show that its tire was available for sale and could function properly on a car.

Just dont expect to see the tires at your local Tire Rack anytime soon: They are only available as a special order and according to Zenises CEO Harjeev Kandhari the first initiate was commissioned for a unique purchaser in Dubai. Kandhari says his company plans to use the continues from the sale to foundation a foundation its established to help improve access to education for the disadvantaged.

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