Comebacks are ticklish, especially ones from frightful accidents in which the person or persons attaining the comeback nearly dies. Nonetheless, in Netflix‘s Staying Alive , his first special in three years, comedian and SNL / 30 Rock alum Tracy Morgan routinely reminds you hes alive and well–and doesnt need your pity.

He wasalmost killed in 2014, when a Walmart truck driver, Kevin Roper, made Morgans limo on the New Jersey Turnpike. Heading home from a Delaware show, Morgan suffered a traumatic mentality harm and multiple bone fractures–including his entire look. Fellow comedian and best friend James McNair( aka Jimmy Mack) succumbed in the accident.

Three years later, the Brooklyn, New York, native has virtually rebuilt himself, his adept arcing upward once again. Aside from his national tour schedule, the at-times controversial joker has an upcoming Jordan Peel-produced TV show coming to TBS, and this incredibly raw new special.

The hi-jinks start from the credits, when an amnesia-afflicted Morgan buys a slicein Brooklyn, then buys a fur hair with currency from his Walmartbag, a including references to his rumored $90 million settlement.

Everybody in here know I got hit by a fucking Walmart truck, announces Morgan in his signature snarl. The truths unpacked and laid down by bare, for the gathering to consented whole.

Willing to go deep into his medical conditions, he describes being in a coma for eight daylights, followed by six periods of blindness immediately after waking. He withdraws going up to see God, his friend Jimmy Mack, and cool Jesus, but makes a gag about the white lighting actually being the police. Later he hilariously dips into his therapy discussions, knowing humor in what had to be excruciating.

Morgans an saving prank teller, more dirtyuncle to everyone at the barber shop than straightforward comedian. Its fitting hes slated to romp Redd Foxx, his comedic forebearer, in an upcoming Richard Pryor biopic.

There are some puns that pedal back to others, but the special intention up being a therapeutic seminar for all to see. Hell make a wildly filthy zingerabout Caitlyn Jenner: I’ll fuck the shit out of her–I’ll get her pregnant! Then in an instant, hes obliging you laugh about his deep depression, and his wife, Megan, attracting him through the darkness.

Through the profanity, theres a new softness and know. Morgan find humor riffingabout humanities being emotionally stunted. He replies it in a way that more cautionary life exercise, and it’s powerful.

Perhaps thats eventually what Morgan wants you to know: If youre still alive, theres ever a chance to live it better than you ever had before.


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