So often it happens in life that we gain perspective about what’s really important after a ghastly coincidence or near-death experience…

And such is the case recently for comedian Tracy Morgan , who on Thursday night relayed to his followers and admirers on social media that it’s been precisely five years old since the” grisly coincidence”

As you may recall, back on June 7, 2014, Morgan was a passenger in a van involved in a awful six-car pileup on a New Jersey highway. The accident severely injured Morgan — the comedian was air filched to a hospital with multiple burst bones and other serious injuries, and later spent nearly a month in a physical rehabilitation centre as he recovered. The crash likewise killed Morgan’s longtime acquaintance and traitor James McNair .

Besides the obvious effects of the accident on the 50 -year-old’s loved ones and those involved who were hurt or killed, the crash set off a long series of lawsuits with WalMart — the employer of the truck driver who firstly start out the pileup — and seriously affected Morgan’s career for several years after, as he struggled to fully recover and move forward.

But it’s clear he’s in a better place now. Tracy reminisced about that dreadful darknes and the friend he lost in a series of tweets sent out late Thursday evening from his official account( below ):

” Five years ago tonight, me and your best friend, Jimmy Mac , Jeff , @ARDIEFUQUA, @HarrisStanton, Ty ,& Joceleyn were in a terrifying collision. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my friend Jimmy Mac, who sadly lost his life that night. I love you Jimmy. I thank GOD for their own families. I am eternally grateful for the passion and support they give me. My wife, daughter, sons, and friends are what got me back on my paw. I live every day trying to do right by them and make the most of this second chance.

I am emotional right now so bear with me but I likewise have to thank my professional house. The kinfolks at @TBSNetwork who got me back doing what I love to do best, entertaining people. MY YODA, Lorne Michaels . Going back to @nbcsnl was the first time I knew I would be ok. Finally, I have to shout out my reps Steve Smooke , Matt Frost , Mark Landesman , Jessica Mooney , Ben Morelli & Lewis Kay , who stay where you are me ever. Love you all !! God Bless and please spread love and kindness to one another .”

Here’s the full tweet flow as it is available on the social networking site( below ):

Powerful, powerful stuff…

And despite the tragic events of that horrendous nighttime five years ago, and even another car coincidence the coming week with his brand new Bugatti, it’s nevertheless still inspiring to see the funny husband back on his foot again and with such a positive, grateful outlook towards life.

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