Here’s a funny fact: I’ve wasted more hours watching video game trolling videos than I did on homework throughout all of high school. Even weirder: Merely one of those events has ever realise me any fund. I’ll let you figure out which one.

It’s trolling videos. Sorry, I can’t leave occasions open-ended like that. I contemplated I could, but it detected gross — like the doing-homework of article writing.

In watching hundreds of hours of those videos, I’ve “ve noticed that” trolling is kind of a double-edged sword. When it’s done right, it can be more entertaining than the actual activity itself. But, tragically, most people don’t has been able to do it, so they just finish up as dickheads being dickheads, dickheadedly.

The greatest video game troll I’ve ever seen goes by the identify “Weregonnalose, ” and he knows that trolling isn’t about victimizing and molesting players. It’s a slapstick rendition ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

Yes, sometimes he does play the responsibilities of the a flagrant douche, but room more frequently, he merely plays video games severely, loops in a circulate gag, and gives parties with anger editions do the respite. Before you jump in and start trying this on your own, though, let me establish you what he’s already figured out …

# 5. The Trolling Needs To Feel Justified

The whole reason Weregonnalose started trolling is a series of incidents that happened years ago. He and a acquaintance connected an online tournament of … actually, I don’t recollect which activity he told me. We’ll say Barbie Super Sports . His pal wasn’t very good at it, but what the fuck is. It’s all about having fun, right? No substance how bad a person is, they have as much of a right to gambling as everyone else.

Not really, according to the people in that tournament. They acted like “hes having” walked into their living rooms and pee-pee on their TVs while opening them the thumb and never violating see contact. They called every racial and homophobic insult in the book. You know … ordinary online gaming behavior. And it happened over and over again , no matter how many different vestibules they joined. After a while, he eventually smacked a breaking point and figured that if these people were going to be ridiculous fucknuts, he might as well have some fun with them.

The above video is a perfect precedent of that. He’s playing the goalie in a game of NHL 12 , pretending to not know what a “power play” is. He thinks it signifies “any time a goalie comes out of the net, for any reason.” Instead of learning him what it actually entails, his teammates immediately jump on him, announcing him a fucker( and a whole lot of homophobic insinuations) and eventually explosion in nuclear frenzy. Not all of his trolling videos are about doing people lose their judgments, but this one is. By the end of it, a guy from Boston is begging for his address so he can come to his house and pulsate his ass.

But don’t feel sorry for these dickholes. It’s one thing for someone to get pissed off because someone is spoiling their competition. It’s another in order to be allowed to melt down and “re just telling me”, “If there’s any right, you’ll fucking expire in a gondola accident tonight, you f ** got.” He sounds this a lot, by the way. That term is the go-to offense for all unoriginal fury machines, and all it takes to get them moving is encountering someone who isn’t very good at video games. Or, you know, talking for any intellect at all ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND Those are the people who deserve it. Parties who immediately jump-start to offends, death threats, prejudice, racism … complete sackings of shit who in any other real-life mounting “wouldve been” prescribed anti-psychotic medication and court-ordered anger management advise. Like these people who try to talk him into suicide, threaten to jab him, and, of course, use their favorite go-to insult ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

# 4. There Necessary To Be A Good Running Joke

I mentioned that not all of his videos are about riling parties up. In information, most of them are straight-up slapstick conducts. That’s what separates Weregonnalose from virtually every other troll I’ve read. He doesn’t just go into a NASCAR game with the design of “Let’s crash everyone until “theyre starting” screaming.” He’ll actually create a attribute who supposes best available race car motorist of all time was Tom Cruise in the 1980 s when he drove the Mellow Yellow vehicle. Or that the racer Kyle Petty was the lead singer of the Heartbreakers ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND You’ll find that Tom Cruise pun as a running theme in his racing sequence. And the thing that blows me away is that nobody ever catches on that he’s simply clamping with them. A large-scale part of that is how he continues a steady “dumb” character throughout the videos, so every stupid pretension he makes sounds like a legitimate sentiment. Like in this one, where he prevents claiming that to begin the hasten, everyone has to hit start at the same hour, although there are that’s clearly not an option ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

And of course, if he doesn’t find any indignant people in the foyer, he was able to simply pretend to have those issues himself. One of my favorite videos is when he claims that sometimes when he has mic issues, he’ll get so mad that he throws his TV out the window. And that one time he got fucking crazy that he kicked his three-year-old son in the look. Then afterwards in the conversation, he tells a person, “You can come over to my house and play if you miss. Just don’t bring your girls, because I knock them in the look sometimes.”

Yes, crashing is a big part of the trolling, but it’s rarely the center boast of the video. I’d still watch him pissing off rednecks all day, but where reference is adds in claims that everyone from Detroit embezzles, it takes it to a whole other level. Or when he based an entire video around yell, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” as he threw into other vehicles. Then explained to them that “Dingledorf said that to Harry at the end of Chambers Of Fire . “

# 3. You Necessitate To Sound Genuinely Inept

Going back to the original intellect he started trolling, Weregonnalose is a original at appearing inept in video games. I say “appearing” because when you really appear close at what he’s doing, you realize that it takes quite a bit of science. Coming up with creative ways to disintegrate into people takes pinpoint precision, which you can’t draw away without quite a bit of practice.

One of the best examples of this is in this Madden video ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

In the beginning, it’s almost like a slapstick procedure, as he only can’t get the quarterback’s rules down to save their own lives. It’s so over the top that it comes across like Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First.” But notes the fact that clear up until the end of this game, they’re prize. Then, with one second to go in the fourth quarter, he vacates his coverage, leaving the other crew wide open for a 100 -yard touchdown pass. That’s quite fucking impressive.

But as much as I cherish his NFL ones, the NBA ones are something special. In this video, every time he gets the dance, he weighs down from five, like small children does on a playground, feigning that everything of his fires are buzzer-beaters ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND In most of those tournaments, he sheds up three-point films so far behind the line that they’re pretty much from half-court. That’s funny to me in itself, but he takes it to another level by talking shit while he does it. “Weather man’s callin’ for rainwater. Weather man ’bout to make it downpour like BOOM! ” Complete airball. Or, “Is it the shoes ?! ” * Clank * When beings ask him why he’s throwing up hits like that, he calmly explains that in order to get three points, you were supposed to shooting at us behind that curvy line.

# 2. Assholes Will Make Idiots Of Themselves … Let Them

My absolute favorite video of his isn’t genuinely representative of the rest of the channel, but it’s breathtaking. You can tell that he started it out with his basic trolling, but something incredible and unpredictable is happening at 38 seconds that changes everything.

One of the guys makes a stereotypical “I’d absolutely overpower your ass” type of note, which ever specifies up Weregonnalose to come back with, “You couldn’t vanquish me. I know karate.” It happens a plenty in these videos, but what he didn’t expect was the guy to tell him, “I’m a grown-ass husband, dude. Special Ops, buster. Produce it. Marine Corps, babe. Bring it.”

I’ve grown up with and partied with tons of liars in my time, and I’ve come to recognize a specific tone of voice that a certain type of redneck takes when he lie-brags. And this guy is just fucking saturated in it. Weregonnalose must have noticed it, extremely, because he started pressing him for more information.

Oh, I forgot to tell you: WGL was actually in the military.

Through some rapid-fire grilling, he gets the person to tell him that he was 1) merely in the marines for four years, and 2) he remained a private for all of them. WGL points out that if he was a private for four years, then he wasn’t in special ops, and that they very likely would have knocked him out long before then. He then asks him one of the most basic questions that every Marine should know: What is the Marine Corps’ birthday? The guy has no idea.

The rest of the whole video is WGL pressing the question and not giving up for one second. He announces him a “fake Marine” and asks if he bought a dres at a flea market so he could set it on and get free snacks from Applebee’s. The whole takedown is pure artwork, and it just goes to show that when you tell an moron only be an jackas, they write this shit for you.

# 1. Find The Alpha Male And Completely Fuck Up His Day

One thing you’ll find in virtually every online tournament “youre playing” is one person who presents himself as a know-it-all, holding asshole. He’s the alpha male, and if you dare get on his bad slope, he’ll spew. Sometimes, it takes a bit of persuasion to get them to induce themselves known, though. You have to dig deep and “re coming” with a well-formulated strategy that preys on their psychological insecurities. Like saying the term, “Aw yeah, yeah! “

The guy who loses his shit after hearing that phrase exactly one time deserves every second of trolling he gets. That guy is such an over-the-top douchebag that if you were to be attacked by him on the street and you legitimately thought your life was at risk, you couldn’t defend yourself by punching him. You could only open-hand blow him, because that’s what’s douchebags deserve. It’s an ingrained biological response.

But since you can’t physically slap them online, you might as well just troll them until they end. It’s the online equivalent of the tiny child at institution finally standing up for himself and vanquishing the shit out of the bully, and I adore it.

These are the guys whose best comebacks are looking his refer and acting like he precisely picked it by collision. “We’re gonna lose? Yeah, that’s exactly right, sidekick! Your figure says it all! We ARE gonna lose! ” As a witnes, you want to step in and tell them, “That’s the parody, you fucking obtuse debris. How can you still not should be noted that he’s clamping with you? ” But WGL got to go along with it, because he understands that the longer you tell these assholes rant, the worse they look.

Or maybe I’m just sadistic and love watching people lose their shit for no reason. Hey, I’m only human. Well everyone has our night line-ups. Here’s his channel, if you’d like to call in sick to operate and invest a whole week watching these.

And here’s a video of him piercing parties to extinction while telling them to shut up ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND Check out Olympic level presentations of trolling in 6 Hilariously Creative Ways People Are Trolling The Internet and memorize the artistry of trolling from our very own Maxwell Yezpitelok in 4 Things I Learned About Teenage Trolls( From Being One ) . Are in favour of our YouTube channel to determine why Trump might just be trolling us in How Trump Might Be Our Next President – Cracked Responds, and watch other videos you won’t accompany on the site !

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