Over 20 million people are poised to lose their health insurance in the following financial year, plausible experts predict that we have less than 15 times to blunt world extinguishing due to the effects of climate change, and for the first time in about 100 years, American life expectancy has slumped for three years in a row–but what motivates Donald Trump to act with a sense of urgency?

Why, Jussie Smollett of course.

No doubt motivated by blanket, frequently histrionic coverage of this personality gossip on Fox News( ostensibly the only” daily brief” this president assimilates ), Trump has ordered an FBI probe into the Empire virtuoso after all charges against him were put the coming week by attorneys in Chicago for a outlandish, reportedly forgery hate crime inflicted on himself.

Of course, Trump would be activated by the Smollett story since it is deeply entrenched in issues of race and the right’s perception of the left’s inauthenticity.

The left has been roundly dragged for initially believing that Smollett, who is openly gay, had been the victim of a hate crime engineered by MAGA name-checking assailants.

Eventually, the speciman took an unbelievably strange turn when it appeared that Smollett may have fabricated everything( even hired his “attackers”) as part of a crude and foolhardy attempt to renegotiate his television constrict.

If that were true, it would in no way change the fact that there has been a well-documented uptick in racially-motivated violence or that hate crimes are a extremely fact of life for numerous Americans. And yet Smollett’s folly has been conveniently spun as yet another ” loss for the libs .”

Now, in a stunning( and still perplexing) growing, Smollett will go free and the timing couldn’t be more opportune for Trump, who loves nothing more than a luminous, shiny culture crusade for him to fan the flames of.

When Smollett was first arrested, Trump weighed in early about his regret, while disregard to address a plot received information that same week by a white supremacist member of the U.S. Coast Guard to murder various foremost Democratic managers, including his potential 2020 resist, Vice President Joe Biden.

Today, as skepticism increases over William Barr’s short interpretation of the Mueller Report and cult thrives for a full accounting of what the special attorney spotted, the president would rather( and has the unique power to) displacement those discussions away from outcomes or even programme, to a infinite that he feels more cozy wading into–a kind of thunderdome for racial grievances.

Whether the Mueller Report purges him of a crime or not, by all histories it does appear to once and for all convincingly establish the fact that Russia did successfully insert a sophisticated disinformation campaign into our last presidential election’s bloodstream, and Trump, who now is asking the public to believe the Mueller Report( a position that may change once they have actually read it) just days after saying it was illegal , has done there is nothing to to rectify the problem or support Russia accountable for it.

Shouldn’t that was a significant national discussion we’re all having right now? If certainly the president’s mitts are altogether clean on matters of conspiracy and not entirely dirty on the topic of obstruction, don &# x27; t the public and our representatives in Congress deserve some kind of detailed explanation for Trump’s uncharacteristic deference and jaw-dropping obsequiousness toward Vladimir Putin?

” This entire episode should be instructive about how 2020 could play out should none of the Democratic competitors substantiate agile enough to bat down’ bogu news’ disagreements and pivot to real-world concerns .”

No, instead the president–and by extension the television news media–have decided those discussions should change to a B-list star of a fading network TV show.

This entire episode should be instructive about how 2020 could play out should none of the Democratic competitors attest nimble enough to bat down” forgery word” polemics and swivel to real-world concerns. So far, merely Beto O’Rourke, by virtue of his newfound celebrity, has been able to steal focus from Trump and not ever for the right reasons.

Whoever she or he may be, this dreaming candidate would need to be politically savvy enough to know that Smollett will exclusively pass Trump more fodder with which to denigrate the town of Chicago, which he routinely characterized as if it were some kind of blood-drenched hellscape throughout much of the 2016 expedition. Now, he’ll have a face to introduce with the name “black people.”

They will have to somehow point out that our chairman seems far better comfy dunking on foremost blacknes illustrations both inconsequential( LaVar Ball) and adored( Rep. John Lewis ), but won’t criticize despots with the same fervor.

They might want to point out that while Smollett shouldn’t be honored for his bad behavior, neither should the members of his cabinet who have done everything from coddle a convicted offspring molester to defund the Special Olympics.

Or it would be especially enormous if this Obama-esque nominee could use the entire episode for an instructive and inspirational gossip about the fundamental unfairness of our justice system as it’s currently constituted.

But these discussions haven’t happened in earnest hitherto and so we will have to watch–like a vehicle clang in slow motion–Trump wield this new sound bite into his repertoire.

And those of us who can’t afford the luxury of being droll or fatalistic about the next two years will have to endure this far-too-familiar bait-and-switch our chairwoman is taking part in until, like Smollett, we very are free of this nightmare.