Driver absconding gate-crash scales fencing to territory in one of the most high-security recognizes in Paris

A man who fled the panorama of a auto gate-crash in Paris took the ultimate wrong turn, seeking refuge in the headquarters of France’s sleuth agency.

The driver, who reportedly did not have a driving licence, was involved in a crash on the capital’s Peripherique ring road on Friday, scaling a fencing several metres high to get off the busy artery.

He was apparently unaware he had climbed into the grounds of the General Directorate of External Security( DGSE ), in accordance with the Parisien newspaper which first reported the floor.

He was immediately picked up and arrested.

The site, on Boulevard Mortier in north-eastern Paris, is one of the most closely monitored discerns in Paris- personas of it on Google Street View are blurred. It featured in acclaimed French TV spy thriller Le Bureau des Legendes- starring performers Mathieu Kassovitz and Jean-Pierre Darroussin- which won international acclaim under the English title The Bureau.

The suspect’s fence-scaling knowledge would have helped Florida suspect Jennifer Anne Kaufman shaft on Sunday. She was cornered against a fencing by kine after she fled her car and ran away across a province while being pursued by police. Steering gangs on the dirt, an officer in a police helicopter said:” If you consider the large group of cows there, they’re literally following her, chasing her .” Kaufman was afterward arrested.

Agence France-Presse contributed to this article


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