This twin’s trouble returned on the double.

Alexandria Duval, 38, was arrested Friday in Albany, New York, on a assassinate charge for the death of her twin sister, Anastasia, earlier this year.

The Duval sisters were in a lethal car accident in May, when their SUV plummeted off a 200 -foot cliff in Maui, Hawaii. Alexandria was behind the wheel. Anastasia expired at the stage. There was no evidence of braking, and bystanders claim the sisters had been arguing prior to the clang and that Alexandria had intentionally steered the car off the cliff.

Alexandria was arrested for second-degree carnage, but at a preliminary hearing, a judge governed there was no probable cause and removed the charges.

However, in October, a Hawaii grandiose jury indicted Alexandria for second-degree assassinate, according to The Associated Press. Maui police problem a authorize, and experts tracked down Alexandria at an Albany home. She’s now awaiting extradition to Hawaii.

The shocking nature of the floor caught the country’s notice. The twins, also known as Alison and Ann Dadow, were “known for their formerly glamorous life-style, ” The Palm Beach Post wrote.

The two loped a successful yoga business in Florida and later opened a yoga studio in Park City, Utah. But financial both problems and run-ins with police reportedly caught up with them.


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