Police say Alison Dadow grabbed the rotate from Ann and killed her. It was the end of a long superhighway of imitation mentions, neglected jobs, and campaigning with cops.”>

The path of destruction blazed by two blond yoga twinneds produced them both off the side of a Hawaiian cliff.

Before Alison Dadow reportedly murdered her 37 -year-old sister Ann in a Maui car crash last week, the monozygotic twin squandered whatever gains they had seen in Florida and failed to reboot their lives in Utah, all while dodging cops and creditors alike.

On the day molted become an accused twinned sister-slayer, Alison had already adopted a new identity: Alexandria Duval of Haiku, Hawaii. Ann altered herself into Anastasia Duval to match.

Alison was discovered behind the wheel of a 2016 white-hot Ford Explorer as Ann razzed in the rear fare seat at around 5 p. m. on May 29.

The sisters were pictured squabbling just before Alison allegedly floored the gas. Harmonizing to the declaration in supporting warrantless detention, officers assert that she intentionally drove off the cliff and that they found no signalings of braking from the vehicle.

The permissions, in the court document, acquired there was a hard acceleration and no endeavors of any braking before the SUV dashed off the cliff.

The Explorer was recognise by an eagle-eyed Boy Scout troop chaperone, who told polices the operator was in a storm after her hair was yanked from behind just before the death dive.

The SUV hightailed it southward toward Puiki on Hana Highway before, according to official details, taking a sharp left turn into the rock-and-roll wall and launching off the cliff, crushing into jagged boulders 200 feet below.

According to the court document, Ann Dadow kept severe manager damage with bleeding to her top and look and croaked at the incident, while Alison was pinned against the steering article but simply accepted minor visible injuries.

The subsisting sister apparently became tightlipped once she was freed. She claimed her call was Alex and refused to answer questions about the fatal plunge.

After being extricated Alexandria Duval did not want to give any information and even at first recognized herself exclusively as Alex, special courts records claim.

Once she ran out of the Maui Memorial Medical Center, police, attorneys, and TSA agents approved, Alison twice attempted to work flights to the West Coast of the two sides of the strait, once on June 1 and again on June 3. Police first noticed that someone was carrying parts from inside[ the Duval] mansion on Aloha Aina Place three days after the crash.

Police picked her up at the Maui Seaside Hotel just before saying aloha to Hawaii.

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