Wilson County, Texas( CNN) A mile down the road, a heavily forearmed assassin had just disintegrated his vehicle after dedicating the most difficult mass shooting in the state’s biography. Joel Robbins hop-skip in his automobile, where he deters a loaded. 38 six-gun, and raced to the vistum.

His wife, Lynn Robbins, 63, didn’t blink.

“I don’t get nervous, ” she said, taking a draw from her home-rolled cigarette, “because I know we could protect ourselves. Plus, I’ve get Joel, and he’s got the whole family’s back.”

Guns are life out here, some 30 miles east of San Antonio, and not just for personal armour. The First Baptist Church massacre in nearby Sutherland Springs buttress the concept — commonly held in these constituents — that the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good guy with a firearm.


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