Talk about unbelievable fluke — bad AND good!

On Friday, Florida resident Christina Kay Theisen was driving dwelling from a business errand when the unthinkable happened — a barge oar crashed through her windshield and roughly killed her.

Theisen was driving through an expanse dubbed “alligator alley” for the reptiles which are often identified hanging in he waterways beside the road. We approximate boat oars are more dangerous than crocs these days!

As for how the barge oar lodged itself in the driver’s windshield, the perilous item somehow came loose from a overtake RV on the route. It’s too possible the RV kicked the oar up from the asphalt.

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Luckily for Christina, she was able to think quickly and sidesteps the objective:

“When it came at me, the first reaction was to duck to the realization of the rights. And that is likely to saved my life.”

Phew, what a relief! We can’t envisage how creepy the situation ought to be for Theisen!

According to highway patrol, the spooky case has been closed. It’s unclear if the move of the RV was fined for not properly assuring the oar.

Shockingly, according to Florida law, even if items falling from your vehicle disable or kill someone along the road, the crime is only a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to 60 daytimes in jail and a $500 fine. Eesh!

Stay safe out there, Christina!

[ Image via Florida Highway Patrol .]


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